D42C The Forty To See, inc.
D42C The Forty To See, inc.
New York, USA : 2020/05/25

There are many companies offering strategic consulting solutions; however, D42C is unique.

And here are just a few of the reasons why we are unique.


D42C is not limited to U.S. boundaries.

The diversity of our team affords us the opportunity to work in the U.S., British, German, and Central European pharmaceutical markets. In a day and age in which cross-cultural communications are crucial, we can help you and your organization in decoding and understanding the cultural differences.

D42C takes an integrated approach with its strategic services. 

We offer broad, integrated solutions and can back those solutions with first-hand industry experience.

D42C has an experienced team of pharmaceutical leaders with accomplished industry track records.

D42C has an accomplished team of industry leaders with diverse backgrounds that span from business development and regulatory; to product development and supply chain management; to operational management and leadership. With solid relationships and industry knowledge that totals more than six decades, our team has the ability to deliver the insight you need to take business to the next level.

Discretion is a guiding principle of D42C.

Discretion is a guiding principle of D42C. The company holds in strict confidence the identity of all clients, the nature of assignments, and the work performed by the organization. Regarding merger and acquisition activity, D42C's involvement will not be publicly disclosed unless both parties expressly agree
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Photo: Coast of Northern Germany.