D42C The Forty To See, inc.
D42C The Forty To See, inc.
New York, USA : 2020/05/25

Business Development. Decades of Experience. Cultural Knowledge. Take Business to the next level.

D42C has an accomplished team of industry leaders with diverse backgrounds that span from business development and regulatory; to product development and supply chain management; to operational management and leadership. With solid relationships and industry knowledge that totals more than six decades, our team has the ability to deliver the insight you need to take business to the next level.

  • Christian Scheiner, Chairman, D42C
  • Denise Bodkin, President, D42C

The diversity of D42C traverses our capabilities and, just as importantly, our cultural knowledge. Members of the team have lived and worked in various geographies, are proficient in more than five languages, and are poised to put this knowledge to work for you.

Christian Scheiner, Chairman, D42C

With >25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, Christian held various management positions at Boehringer Ingelheim and the position of President at STADA Pharmaceuticals. His experience spanned from brand name to generic pharmaceuticals (both orals and injectables) in North America, Latin America and Europe. He lead the acquisition of Ben Venue Laboratories by Boehringer Ingelheim and its integration and internationalization. He also established the US business for STADA AG of Germany, a major provider of generic pharmaceutical products.

Denise Bodkin, President, D42C

With >25 years of healthcare industry experience, Denise held various management positions in the laboratory diagnostics and pharmaceutical products arena. She gained substantial experience in quality control / assurance; regulatory affairs; product development; project management and intellectual property while working at companies such as Smithkline, Gebauer Company, Bedford Laboratories and Roxane Laboratories, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Boehringer Ingelheim.

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