D42C The Forty To See, inc.
D42C The Forty To See, inc.
New York, USA : 2020/05/25
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Business Establishment. Representations. Offshore Expansion. 

Establishing an offshore presence can be difficult - and you want to do it right the first time. D42C has the experience and all the tools established relationships with a network of partners that can help you expand your business to the lucrative US market. 

  • D42C serves as your representative until you establish a presence in the market.
  • D42C matches you with network partners to represent API and finished product. 
  • D42C analyzes whether full expansion into the territory is feasible, ...

... and if so, assists with the formation and registration of legal entities and complete organizational structure.

If you're a contract or pharmaceutical manufacturer looking to enter the US market, the services of D42C are for you. Contact us today to get started!





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